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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, Week 10: Don't Play Any Seahawks This Week

The Seattle Seahawks are in deep trouble, and their offense doesn't seem to be getting much better, generating barely 10 points per game since the bye week. Despite the strength of Marshawn Lynch's peformance, no one really else stepped up. Doug Baldwin and Ben Obomanu both put up weak performances last week against the Dallas Cowboys,  making you think that it'll be hard for them to put up consistent numbers.

Guess who's next on the docket? The Baltimore Ravens.

So it doesn't really matter that this is a home game. You might as well be treating this week as a bye for any Seahawks offensive player and keep them out of your lineup, unless you are a fan of smashing your keyboard or breaking your remote control this Sunday. There are plenty of good offensive weapons out there, but it's not likely that picking up any Seahawk will do you any good this week.

If you really need a Seahawk this week (likely Baldwin or Lynch), your team is probably in serious trouble.

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