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Bengals DT Domata Peko Fined $7500 For Attempting To Rip Marshawn Lynch's Head Off

Finally, justice!! Bengals DT Domata Peko was fined $7,500 for ripping the helmet off of Seahawk Marshawn Lynch in the 2nd quarter of last Sunday's loss. The play resulted in no penalty, inexplicably, despite the obvious head-ripping-off-attempt. The referee, seeing what had happened, even explained to the sixty-odd thousand fans in attendance something along the lines of 'it was an accident'. That's not exactly what he said, obviously, but I do remember head referree Tony Corrente saying something about how Peko had grabbed both sides of the helmet in an attempt to tackle Lynch and therefore it was a legal play. Or something. 


Lynch lost three yards on the play.


Ironically, and pretty much balancing these shenanigans out, Brandon Browner was fined nothing for a WWF-style suplex on Jerome Simpson in the first quarter, which drew a retaliatory punch (I figure anyway) from Andre Caldwell in the 2nd quarter. For that punch attempt, Caldwell was fined $5,000. The NFL fine system is weird.