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NFL Picks, Week 11: Predicting The Weekend's Matchups

Week 11 is upon us, place your bets!

The NFL gods have presented us with some really interesting matchups this week so let's get right into it! Here are my picks, with the current odds, as they come courtesy of Odds Shark. It's your choice if you want to ridicule them or put your car pink-slip down on them.     

New York Jets at Denver Broncos (+6): The vaunted Jets' defense takes on the unstoppable and immortal single wing, wishbone, read option, whatever you want to call it, offense of Tim Tebow and the Broncos. This will be a fun game to watch simply because of the rarity and spectacle of what this Denver team is doing. I do believe, though, that the Jets are a superior team and will win this game. Pick: Jets

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (-1): The Bills are mired in a four-game losing streak and are now matched up with a seemingly hot Dolphins club. This should be a pretty close game and I'm almost shocked that the Dolphins are favored here, but I think that Ryan Fitzgerald and his gunslinging ways will return this weekend and the Dolphins will be no match for it. Pick: Bills.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (-8): The Bengals face their second straight road divisional test after losing to the Steelers narrowly last week, and take on a vulnerable Ravens team, still possibly reeling from their loss in Seattle. My money is on the Ravens bouncing back at home and proving to the world that they're still an elite team. Pick: Ravens

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns: I'm going with the Jaguars here because Jacksonville has a very strong defense and I don't believe the Browns will be able to do much on offense this week. The Jags aren't necessarily known for their high-octane offense either, but I'd put my money on them producing more than Colt McCoy and the Browns. Pick: Jaguars.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins (+8.5): The Cowboys are red hot. They simply destroyed the Bills last week and are running effectively with Demarco Murray in the backfield. The Redskins, on the other hand, are not red hot. And I think it will stay that way. Pick: Cowboys.

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions (-8): The Lions are 6-3 and vying for a wild-card spot so this becomes almost a must-win game for them. The Panthers are potentially dangerous with Cam Newton and Steve Smith on offense, but I don't have as much faith in their defense. If I'm putting money on this game, I'm saying the Lions will bounce back from their embarrassing loss last week against Chicago and will put a hurting on Carolina. Pick: Detroit. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers (-15.5): It's hard to imagine anyone stopping the Packers at this point and I'm not going to bet on the Bucs to be the team to deal them their first loss. I like the Bucs and their franchise trajectory, I just don't like them in this matchup. Pick: Green Bay.

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings: Speaking of teams I like - I really like the Raiders. They just punch opposing teams in the mouth. The Vikings are an intriguing team as well, and always seem to be a big-play or big game away from getting their swagger back.  This should be a pretty tough matchup but I'm going with Carson Palmer and the Raiders, after their impressive win against the Chargers. Pick: Oakland

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams: This game should be close, and it's a fun rematch of last year's win-or-go-home game in week 17 that the Seahawks won. I think the Rams are starting to get their act together but I have to go with the Seahawks in this one. Pick: Seattle. 

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers (-11): The Cardinals upset the Eagles last week, but there's no rest of the weary and are now faced with the specter of beating an 8-1 49ers team. San Fran has done it the old school way, with running and defense, and I'm not completely sold they'll keep it up but they make it very difficult for me to bet against them. Pick: 49ers

San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears (-3.5): This will be one game I'm most looking forward to, mostly just in the hopes that Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler get into it again. I have a really hard time betting against the Bears because they've been playing such excellent football, but I'm going with a gut feeling here and betting on the underdog Chargers. Pick: San Diego

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (-3.5): I just can't wrap my head around the Eagles, and now they're probably going to be without Michael Vick. I have to go with the Giants in this one. Pick: New York

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots (-16): The Chiefs are sneaky, and are constantly surprising me with random excellent performances. I just don't see them being able to overcome New England in their place. Pick: Patriots.