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Seattle Seahawks Injury Update: James Carpenter Hurts Knee

The Seattle Seahawks have already lost one offensive lineman on the right side. They might be on the verge of losing another.

John Moffitt is out for the season and will be replaced by Paul McQuistan at right tackle. Now right guard James Carpenter went down after practice and was taken off the field with an apparent knee injury. Breno Giacomini is slated to replace Carpenter if the injury requires a lot of time off.

Both Carpenter and Moffitt have shown gradual improvement this season as run blockers in their rookie year and were part of the supposed Seattle youth movement that would get the Seahawks offense moving again. Indeed, Tarvaris Jackson has not been hurried and pressured as much as expected and has done a decent enough job. Marshawn Lynch has had some solid games, including a strong effort against the Ravens. Seattle might be forced to go back to the drawing board to find ways to keep the offense moving.

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