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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, Week 11: Golden Tate, Seahawks Defense Best Option

The Seattle Seahawks didn't look like a good team a week ago offensively, which is why there were no real options to use on the waiver wire from this team. But after a decent performance against the Baltimore Ravens and a mediocre opponent in the St. Louis Rams forthcoming, there are some okay options this week if needed.

Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate is worth a look but only if Doug Baldwin and/or Sidney Rice miss this week with their concussions. If they're both out, Tate against Rams is a good matchup as a third or fourth receiver option.
The Seahawks defense has some value if the Rams keep on underperforming. It wasn't much, but it's potentially worth a pickup.

Seattle quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has done a surprisingly okay job this year by minimizing interceptions, so if your regular quarterbacks are out of commission, Jackson is worth a bye week start here.

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