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Tarvaris Jackson Injury: Pectoral, Status TBD

The Seattle Seahawks lost Tarvaris Jackson against the New York Giants after he went downfield on a designed run. At first it looked it could be a shoulder or collarbone injury based on how the trainers were looking at their starting quarterback, but the injury was clarified in the postgame reports.

Head coach Pete Carroll reveals that Jackson suffered a strained pectoral. Carroll says that his quarterback's status is uncertain for the team's next game against the Cleveland Browns. But the Seahawks do have a bye week, so Jackson will have an extra seven days to heal.

Luckily for Seattle, even if Jackson isn't ready to go in two weeks, they got solid backup quarterback play from Charlie Whitehurst, who engineered a comeback drive to help beat the Giants. Whitehurst looks like he's miles ahead from where he was last season, and could be on his way to at least competent play if he had to take starting snaps in Seattle.

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