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Pete Carroll Talks About Seahawks Injuries and Matchup With Giants

Here are some selected quotes from Pete Carroll's post-practice press conference on Friday that may be of interest:

On facing the Giants:

We're working, growing in stuff, and we're trying to get ready for this gameplan. This is a very difficult team to play against. Very challenging, in the stuff that they do, the people that they have. So, it's an intricate gameplan, but the guys have worked really hard. We've had a couple of really good days here, to finish off the week, so we're ready to go.

They (the Giants, and their personnel) have been around a long time, they've got a long-standing staff, you know, with a really good system of things they do, and they know how to attack on both sides of the football. So we just have to be really sharp, and be ready for a lot of stuff, because they can throw a lot of stuff at you. It's just called for us to bear down, and really make sure we're clear on stuff. The guys have worked hard at it, and it's challenging.

Regarding Marcus Trufant's injury:

It's something that happened in the game (versus Atlanta), and it just tightened up in practice. So, we'll see how he's doing, it looks like he'll be ok.

Regarding Mike Williams' injury and absence from this game:

Well, our guys have been rotating through and playing, and they're pretty much interchangeable. Ben's (Obomanu) a really good football player, Golden (Tate) is ready to go, and (Doug) Baldwin, along with Sidney (Rice). So we don't feel like we're missing a beat, as far as what we can do, and what we're able to call and all that. We'd love to have Mike, but Obo's a very, very capable football player.

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