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Sidney Rice Is Hip To The IR, And More From The Shiva Bowl Shuffle

The best video you'll see all day is not the one of Adam Morrison being ejected from a Serbian league game, though that's a close second. The best video you'll see today is The Shiva Bowl Shuffle, from The League. The rap, which follows the lead of The Super Bowl Shuffle years ago, is simply fantastic, and features Sidney Rice with a quick appearance, in which he drops rhymes about the IR.

That should be enough to convince you to watch, so check out Maurice Jones-Drew, Brent Grimes and Rice rapping along in The Shiva Bowl Shuffle after the jump.

And here's Rice's lines:

[Sidney Rice]
I'm Sidney Rice, I'm hip to the I-R,
but we're rushin the Shiva with my late-season charge

[Rice, Jones-Drew and Grimes]
We're Ruxin's team, winnin every scuffle,
and now we're here, to do the Shiva Bowl Shuffle,
Ruxin's better than you, Pete, hate to burst your bubble,
and that's why we're doin', the Shiva Bowl Shuffle!

Gonna be real mad when Rice is actually hip to the IR this year, guys.