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VIDEO: Justin Forsett Shower Pill Could Change Everything. EVERYTHING.

Justin Forsett isn't producing enough to the satisfaction of Seattle Seahawks fans. No matter. The man is changing the world with the simplest ideas. Embrace J-Force's entrepreneurial spirit.


Forsett doesn't realize the monster he's created, does he?

We could save billions of gallons of water with this thing.

We could cut heating bills for the poor. 

We could potentially resolve the energy crisis and ensure water remains a renewable resource for much of the near future.

We could stop the production of soap and shampoo, meaning even more resources could be conserved and put to better use.

We could bring a whole industry down.

All hail the Shower Pill. There are no potential drawbacks to this plan, are there?

Well, the shower does let you drape yourself in hot water. The Shower Pill doesn't.


[Thinks carefully.]

[Turns on the shower faucet, lets the steam in.]

Ohh, that stuff's warm.

For those willing to try it out, find out more about the shower pill here.