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VIDEO: Brandon Tate Punt Return TD, Seahawks Punt Coverage FAIL

We've already talked about Pacman Jones taking his first touch of the game down the field to set up one of two crucial Cincinnati Bengals touchdowns in their beatdown of the Seattle Seahawks. Now it's Brandon Tate's turn, and the fail can't be ever more evident by Seahawks punt coverage. This touchdown essentially ended all hope at a Seattle late-game rally and pushed them back into doldrums central.

This belongs right on those Football Follies reels by NFL Films.  Check it after the jump.

Someone might need to review this very fishy punt return coverage by the Seahawks, which only needed a Benny Hill soundtrack set to it, because I'm not sure where any of these defenders were deciding to run to. The Seahawks might be committed to this whole tanking thing too, maybe with their eyes on Pete Carroll's former protege Matt Barkley ...

Or maybe they're just not good at this football. It's also a distinct possibility.

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