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ANIMATED: Gibril Wilson Violates Leon Washington

This is not okay. In fact, it's a little creepy. Yes, I may be still upset about the Seattle Seahawks performance against the Cincinnati Bengals, but this is just kind of disgusting. And it feels like insult to injury. Then again, the Seahawks were already pretty injured, and perhaps a little insulted, as well.

I'm not even sure what Gibril Wilson is doing to Leon Washington here, but it looks bad. It just looks real bad all around. Watch Wilson in the gif below, watch the camera move in and figure out what he's doing. Note: the hips don't lie. The hips never lie.

Moving picture after the jump for your enjoyment.



You can see from Washington's reaction that Wilson did something wrong here. And judging from the jiggy-gyrations ... yeah. Come on, man. This is football. Play nice.

Whatever. The Seahawks got whipped and the Bengals had their with at CenturyLink Field. Sigh.