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Seahawks Vs. Bengals Score: Tarvaris Jackson In For Charlie Whitehurst, Seattle Down 17-3

The Seattle Seahawks haven't been able to do much right against the Cincinnati Bengals. The team has moved the ball through the air with Tarvaris Jackson taking over for Charlie Whitehurst, but the running game has disappeared. Leon Washington has picked up more yardage on one run (six yards) than Marshawn Lynch on eleven carries (five yards, plus he coughed up a fumble to the Bengals).

Jackson has thrown for 123 yards on 19 attempts to at least give Seattle's offense more of a pulse, and even gave his team a good scoring chance just before time expired in the second quarter. However, the Seahawks had a disastrous ending: With 4th and 2 at the three yard line, Lynch picked up two yards to get the first down but was stopped just short of the goal-line. Seattle had no timeouts and couldn't get the ball spotted in time, and time expired before the team could run another play.

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