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ANIMATED: Andy Dalton Throws World's Strangest Incompletion

By all accounts, the Seattle Seahawks are getting worked all over the field by the Cincinnati Bengals, so they really don't have much they can argue about regarding their halftime deficit.

But Seahawks fans will have to wonder whether they'd have more of a puncher's chance if they'd been given the benefit of the doubt on this 'incompletion' by Bengals QB Andy Dalton. Perhaps a potential safety situation here?


(If having trouble seeing the animation, click on it to view)

Not sure exactly which angle the lead official was looking at here. Even though he's off to the side, it's pretty clear that ball is going back toward the end zone. In the direction of a fumble, you know.

Also of note, Tony Corrente is the main official in this game. Tony Corrente is also the head of Pac-12 officials. The incompetence is spreading!

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