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Arian Foster, Seattle Seahawks Starting Running Back? It Nearly Happened.

At least that's what Foster says. Dan Hanzus of relays the story.

"Actually, I got a call from the Seattle Seahawks in the seventh round and they said: 'We have back-to-back seventh-round picks and we are thinking about taking you. What do you think?'"

That's when Foster got himself in trouble.

"I was really upset about how the whole draft went (up to that point) and my attitude was very bad," he recalled. "I said (in a nonchalant tone), 'Yeah, that'd be OK if I went in the seventh round to the Seattle Seahawks.'"

Foster is of the belief that his underwhelming reaction to Seattle's call led the team to go in another direction.

How much better would the Seahawks have been with Foster? Hard to say. There's no doubt Foster would be a more complete running back than any one of Seattle's current three lead rushing options in Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, and Leon Washington. A strong dynamic running back like Foster would have certainly helped out

However, the issue with Seattle hasn't been the running backs as much as it's been the offensive line. Seattle's O-line is probably one of the worst in the league in opening holes for their backs. It doesn't matter what type of running back you are, you need open lanes to be successful in the NFL. Still, having an option like Foster could really have Seattle kickstarting in the right direction rather than wandering through the muck as they are.

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