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Seahawks Lose 6-3 To Browns In Ugly Football Game

The Seattle Seahawks will not be putting this one in the NFL Films archives.They lost to the Cleveland Browns in a contest that we will never ever forget, because I think anyone who watched this one has already been heavily medicated and can't even recall what they were watching the past three hours. 

Charlie Whitehurst completed 12 of 30 for 97 yards and was picked off once; the Seattle rush attack sans Marshawn Lynch only put up 65 yards on the ground. Seattle only converted 2 of 12 third downs and had to punt the ball seven times. They crossed midfield only twice, once on their lone scoring drive, and fumbling just after they passed the 50 yard line the other time.

In some ways, the Cleveland Browns were even worse in teasing the Seahawks. Cleveland amassed 298 yards to Seattle's 137, had 20 first downs to 8, and had the ball for 43 minutes, and came out of it with only six points.

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