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Seahawks vs. Browns: Seattle Offense Stagnent, Browns Lead 3-0 at Half

In a game that has seen nine punts already in the first half alone, the Seattle Seahawks and Cleveland Browns are struggling mightily to get points on the board. A 52 yard Phil Dawson field goal is the only score of the game thus far as the Browns take a 3-0 lead into the locker room at the half. 

Charlie Whitehurst has been less than spectacular so far for the 'Hawks, completing only six of his 14 passes in the first half for only 22 yards, including two fumbles (one lost), no touchdowns and no interceptions. That's 1.6 yards per pass if you're wondering, which is just a shade lower than Justin Forsett's 3.3 yards per carry average thus far, leading the team with 23 rushing yards on seven carries.  As a whole the Seahawks have 62 yards of offense on 29 plays, 5 total first downs, is 2 for 8 on third down conversions, and had only 11 minutes of possession.

The Browns aren't faring much better though, running ten more plays than Seattle for 130 total yards. Colt McCoy is 9/18 for 69 yards so far, while Montario Hardesty is leading the way on the ground with 43 yards on 15 carries in the first half. 

Hopefully some semblance of offensive continuity comes in the second half, because the first was just flat out ugly.