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Charlie Whitehurst Won't Confirm/Disconfirm He's The Starter on 710 ESPN Seattle

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst has been preparing all week to be the starter this Sunday against the Browns, but he won't name himself the starter.  Whitehurst was on 710 ESPN Seattle with Bob and Groz Friday morning, talking about the possibility of starting this weekend. Make the jump to see what he had to say.

When are we going to hear as far as a decision on who will be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks against the Browns? 

"Yeah. I am not sure when we will know. I am not sure when I will know, but I took the reps yesterday. I think I am going to take the majority of them today, so I'll be ready if my number is called and be ready to go down there and win a football game."

Spoken like a true backup quarterback. All signs point to Clipboard Jesus this Sunday, but he won't be telling you that. If he plays like he did in New York a few weeks back against the Browns he might be sticking around as th number one guy. 

Do you need as many reps as you can get in practice or are you more of a mental guy as a backup quarterback?

"You get use to taking the mental reps for sure and you have to take advantage of those. It's kind of easier said then done. You have to really think through the play when you are not in there taking the real reps. When you are in there taking the reps during practice it is even more beneficial for sure. Those have been valuable for me yesterday and today also and it gets you even more prepared."

Obviously there is no substitute for taking actual game reps on the field, but it seems like Whitehurst is a smart enough guy to come in short notice and make an impact. Mental reps will get you only so far, we will see how ready he is after kickoff.  

Confidence wise how much better do you feel this week going against the Browns if you are to be named the starter?

"I feel good. I think our whole team feels good. You go there and west coast teams haven't been very successful on the east coast historically. You go in there and beat the Giants in their place. It's a confidence boost for the whole team. I am included for sure."

Whitehurst will be doing everything in his power to do his best Alex Smith impression (yes, I said it) by getting a crucial road win on the East Coast, that is of course, if and when he is named the starter. 

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