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Seattle Seahawks QB Charlie Whitehurst The Likely Starter Vs. Cleveland Browns

The Seattle Seahawks have an injured starting quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson who will probably need time to recover. So it's time to turn to the backup Charlie Whitehurst, who is the guy Seattle expects to lead them to victory this Sunday. Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times reports that Whitehurst will be getting the majority of snaps in practice. Jackson can practice but isn't getting any significant reps as of yet.

The Browns would seem to be the perfect team for Whitehurst to get his feet wet against, as they are mediocre both offensively and defensively. But Cleveland does have the luxury of time to gameplan against the Seahawks quarterback.  The Browns could give Whitehurst some problems now that they have a full week to gameplan for him. The Giants had no such luxury and got torched at every turn.

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