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Seahawks vs. Browns Odds: Seattle Field Goal Underdogs In Cleveland

The Seattle Seahawks registered an upset win the last time they were on the road--in fact, it was their last game before their bye week, beating the New York Giants 36-25. Seattle now returns back to the eastern side of the country to take on the Cleveland Browns, and they will probably be faced with an easier game. Easier game means easier shot at victory right?

The bookmakers at Vegas think so. Seattle is a field goal underdog (2.5 points in some books), meaning they think the Seahawks are about on even terms in the eyes of the public with the Browns. Cleveland has had their share of struggles this season along with Seattle--both teams seem destined for mediocrity and it'd be hard to tell them apart on the football field. Don't expect an inspiring contest next Sunday, and you'd better have a good read on either team before picking on one of them, because they both look pretty much the same.

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