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NFL Picks, Week 6: Predicting The Weekend's Matchups

Week Six is upon us, place your bets!

Can you believe that it's already Week Six in the NFL season? It's already been a longer NFL season than the season known as summer was around in Seattle this year. Teams have surprised, teams have disappointed - who would have guessed the Lions would be 5-0 and the Eagles would be 1-4? Not me! That's why picking NFL games is so hard! These stupid teams just won't play like we all think they'll play! Knock it off, parity! That being said, I'm going to Nostradamus this biotch and pick this week's games. 

I'm not going to lie, last week didn't go well for me - it might have been the excessive alcohol consumption before making my picks or something. After going 30-14 in the three weeks prior, I finished up a disappointing 8-7 in Week Five, with absolutely no help from the Buccaneers, Cardinals, Texans, or even my dearly beloved Seahawks. This week I'll try to get back on the mediocrity track. Here are my picks, with the current odds, as they come courtesy of Odds Shark.


Carolina @ Atlanta (-5.5): Atlanta has been struggling, just barely squeaking by the Seahawks two weeks ago and then losing to the Packers at home last week. I feel like this week will be a bounce back for them, though you can never count out these upstart Panthers. Pick: Falcons.

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati (-6): Cincinnati is 3-2 and sit above Pittsburgh in the AFC North standings, led by rookies Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. I'm sure you had that one picked prior to the season huh? The Colts just keep on losing, and losing, and every time they lose I get more suicidal thinking about how completely unfair it's going to be when they draft Andrew Luck as the successor to Peyton Manning. Assholes. Out of blind hope that they start winning, and in my desperation that any other team in the NFL gets Luck, I'm going with the Colts here as road underdogs. Pick: Colts.

San Francisco @ Detroit (-6): This, for me, is the game of the week. Another fairly big surprise this season has been the success of the 49ers, who sit at 4-1 and in command of the NFC West, much to my chagrin. It should be a good barometer game for the Niners and if they can beat the streaking Lions at their place, everyone will know they're for real. I just don't think they'll do that. Pick: Lions.

St Louis @ Green Bay (-10.5): On the other hand, this isn't the game of the week. The Rams have struggled, and struggled mightily this season. Green Bay is pretttttty, prettttttttttttty, prettyyyyyyyyyyy, pretty good. I don't think I'd bet against the Packers this season. Pick: Packers. 

Buffalo @ NY Giants (-2): This one will be interesting. The Seahawks, of all people, came into New Joisey and dispatched the Giants so you have to think the Bills are capable of it. I can see the Giants starting to implode - they've just got way too many injuries, and I'm going with the visiting Bills in this one. Pick: Bills.

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh (-9.5): Pittsburgh looks to be picking it up. The Jaguars do not appear to be picking it up. Pick: Steelers.

Philadelphia @ Washington (-3): I'm looking forward to this one, mostly because it's two teams I like to root against. I don't like Mike Shanahan, mostly because he seems really old and crotchety and red-faced and mean, and I don't like the Eagles, because, they're the Eagles and Desean Jackson is annoying. Washington has been surprisingly good this season but I think the Eagles are going to get the upset here. Pick: Eagles.

Houston @ Baltimore (-7): This should be a fun game but Houston was pretty disappointing without Andre Johnson last week. I know they beat the Steelers two weeks ago but it's tough to not pick the Ravens in this one. They're just playing too well right now. Pick: Ravens.

Cleveland @ Oakland (-3): Oakland is riding high after beating the Texans last week in an emotional game dedicated to the memory of Al Davis. I think the Raiders and Raider nation will harness that again and I don't think the Browns will give them much of a fight. Pick: Raiders.

Dallas @ New England (-6.5): New England is the other team I never bet against. Pick: Patriots.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (+3.5): Wow, I don't even know what to think about this Buccaneers team. One minute they're playoff contenders in my mind, the next they're getting trounced by the 49ers. If San Francisco, led by Alex Smith, can drop 48 on Tampa Bay, I'm afraid what the Saints will be able to do. I don't think it will get that ugly, but I'm picking the Saints in this one. Pick: Who dat.

Minnesota @ Chicago (-3): I really don't like the Bears. But I don't really like the Vikings either. I think the Bears are a better team than the Vikings though. So, I'm going to pick the Bears to win. Pick: Jay Cutler's pouty face. 

Miami @ NY Jets (-6): The Jets are an enigma. I thought their defense was supposed to be good. They've given up 125 points this season already, or 25 a game. Miami, too, is not very good. They'll be starting Matt Moore under center, which will be interesting for him, and what better opportunity for the Jets to bounce back than against the backup quarterback on an 0-4 team? Pick: Jets.