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Carson Palmer, LeBron James And's Odd Front Page

Hopping over to on Wednesday was a bit of a jarring experience. The Seattle Seahawks were on the front page, which is always great, but something didn't seem quite right. In fact, a lot of things didn't seem quite right at all. I sat dumbfounded trying to figure out what was going on.

Click the following photo to enlarge.


Let's examine what's going on here:

  • Sweet photo! Carson Palmer in a poorly Photoshopped Seahawks jersey! He's about to give Pete Carroll a bro-hug! Holy hell, it's actually Matt Hasselbeck, something readily apparent to anyone with a brain.
  • Together again at last! The boys are back! Carroll and Palmer! The band's back together! Wait, what? They actually aren't? You mean the headline and photo were misleading? Oh, there it is, in small text. Moves that might make sense at the trade deadline.
  • LEBRON! A SEAHAWK! This is a thing now? One tweet exchange and we're now seeing "Could this happen?" stories? Nate Robinson's going to join the team soon, you guys. Seattle doesn't need LeBron.