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AUDIO: Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Commits To Tarvaris Jackson Over Charlie Whitehurst

The Seattle Seahawks looked pretty solid during the fourth quarter when Charlie Whitehurst (in for the injured Tarvaris Jackson) drove his team down the field for what turned out to be the game-winning score over the New York Giants. The comeback led many to believe that head coach Pete Carroll might reconsider opening up the quarterback competition and giving Whitehurst another chance.

However, Carroll is having none of it. In a radio interview with ESPN 790 Seattle, Carroll reiterated his team's commitment to their starting quarterback if the two were both healthy. (Translation: If Jackson is ready to go, he will play in Seattle's next game.)

Is this now a competition, even if Jackson is healthy?:

"I think the competition is on. We’ve got two good football players. But T-Jack’s done everything we’d asked him to do and he’s our quarterback, he’s our guy in every way. I love what he’s doing. I just wish he would’ve got down on that darn little keeper. … But no, he’s our quarterback."

Basically, Jackson is going to have to that injury persist for a bye week and beyond that for Whitehurst to get the starting spot for the Seahawks's next game.

Check out some of the transcript here. Listen to the audio by clicking here and moving up to 21:20!

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