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Seahawks vs. Giants Video: Brandon Browner Pick-Six Clinches Victory

The Seattle Seahawks stunned the New York Giants 36-25, but they were the beneficiary of misconnections between quarterback Eli Manning and his receivers. With the Giants moving for the tying score, it looked as if Seattle was going to fall on a late-game comeback by New York again.

But Manning seemed to always be a step ahead or behind his receivers on Saturday. When he threw the ball ahead of Victor Cruz, the adaptable wide receiver bobbled and couldn't hang onto the ball. Ccornerback Brandon Browner made him pay with a game-winning touchdown.

Check out the video of the clinching play after the jump.

Seattle, after looking fairly moribund the first few weeks of the season, has started to sputter to life with big plays on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Perhaps Browner's pick could be the first step in a positive direction for Pete Carroll.

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