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Marshawn Lynch's Playoff Clinching Run Registered A Minor Earthquake

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Talk about Beast Mode ... according to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, a blip in the seismograph came at the exact same moment that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was rumblin', bumblin' and stumblin' into the endzone from 67 yards out, making at least seven New Orleans Saints whiff on their tackle attempts. King 5 News posted a picture of the seismography on its Facebook page:


That's right, Seattle's 12th Man got so loud they caused a very minor earthquake. With noise like that, if the Seahawks, against all odds, get a chance to host an NFC title game, I like their shot at the Super Bowl. Twelve men vs. 11 men is just not a fair fight ...

While the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network was busy measuring blips on a graph, fans around the world were busy remixing and paying tribute to what may have been the greatest run in playoff history.

YouTube user MrNFL recreated the moment using one of the greatest sports games ever: Super Tecmo Bowl.

Another great moment was this video from Seagramsextradrygin on YouTube. As one of the commenters (cStrife7777) on the YouTube page so eloquently put it: "Sorry Saints ... Your Super Bowl is in another castle"

Have you seen another awesome remix of this great run? Post it in the comments and share it with everyone.