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NFL Playoffs Rooting Guide: Green Bay Packers Win Would Be Good For NFC Bracket

Who should you, oh humble Seattle Seahawks fan, root for on Sunday as the first weekend of the NFL playoffs comes to a close. First, don't worry about the AFC. We don't care about them. On the other side of the bracket, in the NFC, there's a very clear rooting interest for fans in Seattle. That interest resides in Green Bay, where the Packers have a chance to give the Seahawks an easier path in the next round.

Here's how it shakes out. Take a look at the NFL playoff bracket as it stands right now. The Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears are looming large, waiting for the two teams that survive this weekend in the next round. The Falcons, as the No. 1 seed, will play the lowest remaining seed while the Bears, as the No. 2 seed, will play the highest remaining seed.

If the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Green Bay Packers today, Chicago will host Philly while the Seahawks will travel to Atlanta. If the Packers win, Atlanta hosts Green Bay while Seattle travels to Chicago. You can see why we're rooting for the Packers now, right?

Atlanta demolished the Seahawks at Qwest Field and are nearly-unbeatable at home. On the other hand, the Seahawks have already traveled to Chicago this season and walked away with a win. Granted, it was early in the season, but we know it can be done. Who would you rather face? Jay Cutler or Matt Ryan? That's what I thought.

Swallow your pride, Seahawks fans, and root for the Pack today. It's good for our hopes and dreams, after all.