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Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Run Ends With Some Flair

You may have missed this as Marshawn Lynch dove into the end zone after his incredible 67-yard touchdown run in Saturday's NFL playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. Lynch has a style of his own; from the grill, to the nickname, to his Beastmode running style. Yesterday was all Lynch down to the wire, with Beastmode transforming like he walked out of a phone booth before the Seattle Seahawks last drive, carrying the Seahawks to victory.

Then, on his way into the end zone, he did this.


It's not quite his ghost-ride the injury cart celebration, but it's up there.

That's Lynch breaking out a flying, backward fall into the end zone. And, oh yeah, he's doing it while grabbing his crotch. After the events of the day, I can't help but laugh. His "celebration," and the somewhat lude way of telling the Saints they were number one, is so Lynch it's funny.

Yesterday made me, and many other Seahawks fans, glad we traded for Beastmode in 2010. That run -- that celebration -- made the whole day incredible for Seattle. Just Beastmode being Beastmode, folks.