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Washington Huskies Coach Lorenzo Romar: 'How 'Bout The Seahawks?'

It didn't exactly have Jimmy Johnson's enthusiasm, but after the Washington Huskies 103-72 win against Oregon State UW coach Lorenzo Romar gave a little shout out to the Seattle Seahawks.

"How 'bout the Seahawks?" Romar said to the gathering of media members eager to meet deadlines.

The response from after a brief moment of laughter: "How 'bout the Huskies?"

"I thought you all were all going to start clapping," Romar said before nodding and giving a quietly triumphant Romar-like thumbs up when someone finally did give him the actual score.

Most of the 9,671 faithful basketball fans at Hec Ed today missed the Seattle Seahawks improbably win, but the final score was announced during the second half to a strong ovation.

And even before the collective ovation, you could hear people yelling out during the game, "MARSHAWN LYNCH JUST SCORED!"

So, we missed it in Hec Ed, but we got a taste.