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Marshawn Lynch Breaks Huge Run When It Matters Most, Completing Improbable Seahawks Win

We’ve all heard how poor the Seattle Seahawks run game is all year. Ranked 31st in the NFL, averaging just 89 yards per game, the rushing attack has been missing in Seattle all year, even with the addition of Marshawn Lynch. Acquired in a trade with the Buffalo Bills, Lynch was supposed to be the bruising back the Seahawks always wanted. When the spotlight was on Seattle in the NFL playoffs on Saturday, Lynch came to life.

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was outstanding after an inconsistent year, but after the game he admitted he couldn’t have done it without the run game. The Seahawks were about to be two-dimensional, not limited to just the pass, while running over and around the New Orleans Saints in the wildcard round. Forced to respect the run, passing lanes opened for Hasselbeck and the Seahawks prevailed.

Lynch finished the day with 131 yards and a touchdown, including the game-clinching, electric 67-yard touchdown run. Look at that run. Lynch runs through defenders in the first level, sending Tracy Porter flying with an absolutely brutal stiff-arm and tip-toes into the end zone. With that, the game was over and the celebration was on.

After a year of expecting Hasselbeck to carry the team, Lynch took the pressure off and changed the Seahawks offense for the better on Saturday. In comparison, the Saints were without many healthy backs, losing Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory before the game while seeing Reggie Bush and Julius Jones fall with injuries during the game. They were one-dimensional, allowing the Seahawks to fire off the ball and get after Drew Brees while mixing-up coverage.

It was a team effort by the Seahawks, but Lynch played a huge part in the win. Lynch’s 67-yard touchdown run was icing on the cake, a cherry on top and the perfect ending to an improbable game.