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NFL Playoff Schedules: NFC Playoff Bracket After Saturday

One game down, one game to go on the first day of NFL playoff action. The Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints opened playoff action on NBC, with the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts hitting the field in primetime on NBC to close the day out. With one NFC game down, and the other coming tomorrow, we’re starting to get a picture of what the bracket for the next round of games will look like, as well.

Here’s all your information for tonight’s game.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts, 5 p.m. on NBC at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Al Michaels, Chris Collinsworth and Andrea Kramer have the call for NBC after fans were subjected to Tom Hammond and Mike Mayock ruined America’s senses in the early game.

The Colts come in favored by a field goal, but many are expecting a close game here. With Peyton Manning at the helm, the Colts offense is dangerous as always, though the Jets may just have the more talented team, surprisingly enough.

And here’s the bracket after the first game, as best we can explain it.

The Atlanta Falcons, the No. 1 seed in the NFC, will take on the lowest-seeded winner this weekend while the Chicago Bears will take on the highest-seeded remaining team. If the Green Bay Packers win on Sunday, it will be Falcons-Packers and Bears-Seahawks next weekend. If the Philadelphia Eagles win tomorrow, it will be Falcons-Seahawks and Bears-Eagles. The Falcons and Bears will both host the games as the higher-seeded team.

Get it? Got it? Good. We’ll be back with more as the information comes available in our NFL Playoff Schedules StoryStream.