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VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch Touchdown Run The Greatest In NFL Playoff History?

With the Seattle Seahawks offense and the NFL playoff hopes of the city fading, Marshawn Lynch took over. Lynch put together the most impressive touchdown run I've ever seen, running through, over and around the Saints en route to a 67-yard touchdown. Lynch was bottled-up and stopped just after the line of scrimmage before bursting through the pile and taking off downfield.

Check out the video and marvel at the action. Thanks, once again, to BubbaProg for the video.

Was this the best NFL playoff run ever? Considering the enormity of the upset the Seahawks pulled off and the timing, it has to be. Lynch just carried the Seahawks on his back and into the end zone, giving the Seahawks an improbable upset.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Seahawks traded for Lynch. With their backs against the wall, needing a score, Lynch came through. It's why he's nick-named Beast Mode and why fans love his running style. He doesn't run around you, he runs through you.

Congratulations to Lynch and the Seahawks for a monstrous upset, thanks in part to Lynch's running.