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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: Marshawn Lynch Goes Into Beastmode, May Have Just Finished The Saints

There is a very clear reason the Seattle Seahawks traded for Marshawn Lynch. The Seattle Seahawks just rode Lynch into the end zone on one of the most ridiculous, hard-earned runs I’ve ever seen. Lynch broke tackles, stiff-armed and made the Saints look foolish as he found the end zone and gave Seattle a 10-point lead.

The Seahawks defense got themselves off the field after the 12th man played another huge role in the game, forcing the Saints to burn a timeout and forcing a false start on the drive. A third down swat got the Seahawks off the field after the Saints ended up burning the clock, forcing New Orleans to punt.

And then BeastMode took over. On the second play of the drive, Lynch was bottled-up and stopped, but somehow came out the other side. After that, he did all the rest, running over, through and around the rest of the Saints defense and into the end zone. It was absolutely the best run I’ve ever seen in an NFL game. Video will be coming shortly, as well.

With three minutes to go, the Seahawks lead by 11, 41-30.