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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: New Orleans Adds Field Goal To Get Within Four

And now there’s trouble at Qwest Field. The Seattle Seahawks have gone from completely in control of their NFL playoff matchup against the New Orleans Saints to on the ropes as the Saints have come back swinging. The Seahawks were the victims of unfortunate miscues as they tried to answer the Saints touchdown drive, going three-and-out on three passes. The bad news? No significant time ran off the clock. The worse news? Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Williams were on the wrong page on a play that could’ve gone for a touchdown.

The Saints got the ball back and made the Seahawks pay again. This time, it was Julius Jones doing the dirty work. The former Seattle Seahawk took a screen pass for 30 yards, setting the Saints up in great position deep in Seattle territory. Facing third and three from inside the five, the Saints tried a quick wide receiver screen, but Earl Thomas sniffed it out and stuff Robert Meachem short of the first down.

Another field goal on fourth and two kept the Seahawks in the lead and gives them another chance to put a score on the board and answer the Saints. New Orleans has scored the last 10 points of the game, storming back into it and grabbing all the momentum.