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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: Julius Jones Scores Again To Cut Into Seattle Lead

The Seattle Seahawks defense came up big again, stuffing a Julius Jones run on fourth down at the New Orleans Saints 38 to get ball back in the third quarter, setting them up in prime position to score. The Seahawks couldn’t capitalize, stymied by a dropped pass and a controversial no-call. Instead, a delay of game on fourth down forced a Seattle punt, and the Seahawks came away with no points.

Check out the photo below from BubbaProg. Pass interference or not?

Great call, refs. Way to allow a full-on mugging.

Backed up deep in their own territory, the Saints offense caught fire again, converting a crucial third down and flipping the field. Drew Brees was, again, clutch under pressure, evading the rush and finding the open man throughout the drive. The refs helped, once again, flagging Chris Clemons for a personal foul after he took a retaliation shot at David Thomas.

Reggie Bush was taken to the locker room during the drive, leaving the Saints with only one viable running option. Without Bush, it’s all Julius Jones for the Saints. It’s unknown what happened to Bush or why he was forced to head to the locker room.

Julius Jones found the end zone again, barely sliding into the end zone from inside the five. The 12 play, 81 yard drive brings the Saints to within seven in the fourth quarter, 34-27. After the fourth down stop, the Seahawks were poised to put the nail in the coffin, only to see the Saints seize the momentum after a series of mistakes. With 13 minutes to go, it’s time for the Seahawks to hang on and ride this out.