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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: Matt Hasselbeck, Mike Williams Hook Up As Seattle Widens Lead

On third and two from the New Orleans 38 yard line, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll threw caution to the wind. Not content to try and just pick up the first down, the Seahawks went for the home run and knocked it square out of the park. Matt Hasselbeck hit a double-covered Mike Williams with a beautifully thrown ball as Williams dove into the end zone for the score. Up by four at the half, the Seahawks lead the Saints in the NFL playoff,s 31-20.

Matt Hasselbeck is playing like an absolute champion for the Seahawks today. That last touchdown makes it four already, the most he’s had in a game all year. This game, this performance, looks like the Hasselbeck of old. With Hasselbeck firing and the Seahawks now holding a two-score advantage, the momentum is clearly in the Seahawks corner.

That last drive was seven plays for 79 yards to open the half and was huge for Seattle. With that, the Seahawks lead by 11 as announcers, America and fans sitting at home sit stunned. As 10-point underdogs, the Seahawks are clearly putting it together, playing about as well as could be expected at Qwest Field.