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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: Seattle Takes Lead On Matt Hasselbeck Touchdown Pass

The Seattle Seahawks have the New Orleans Saints stunned, shocked and on their heels with time winding down in the first half. The Seahawks have scored the last 17 points to take a 24-17 lead with just over a minute to go in the half. Matt Hasselbeck was nearly-flawless again, this time finding Brandon Stokley on third and three for 45 yards and the touchdown.

The Seahawks were again efficient on offense, driving 76 yards in nine plays, spanning 3:58. You get the feeling the Seahawks are beginning to believe, rallying from down 10 twice already to finally break through and take the lead. Marshawn Lynch was running hard again, picking up a critical third and one for a Seahawks offense that struggles in short-yardage.

Hasselbeck has been on fire in the first half, throwing for 168 yards and three touchdown to just one interception. Stokley leads the way in the receiving game, picking up 50 yards. Lynch and Justin Forsett have combined for 50 yards on the ground.

With time winding down in the half, the Seahawks lead the Saints, 24-17.