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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: Seattle Forces A Turnover, Ties The Game

The Seattle Seahawks needed a turnover as both defenses began to step their games up at Saturday’s NFL playoff game at Qwest Field. After each team punted, the Saints got the ball back, up three. The Seahawks, however, popped the ball loose on a Julius Jones run, diving on the loose ball and recovering deep in New Orleans territory.

Marshawn Lynch couldn’t pick up the first down, however, after carrying the ball three-straight times. Lynch broke a nice run on first down, but stalled on third, coming up just short of the first down marker. The Seahawks settled for a field goal, their first of the day, to knot the score, giving us a whole new ball game.

In a game that the Saints looked to be running away with, the Seahawks have battled back to tied the score at 17. Qwest Field has new life, with the 12th man getting loud and rowdy in support of their Hawks. Halfway through the second, the Seahawks have the momentum and a tie-ballgame.