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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: John Carlson Scores Again

The Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints are going toe-to-toe at Qwest Field in the NFL playoffs, with little defense in sight. Down 17-7, the Seahawks answered again, using an impressive throw by Matt Hasselbeck to Cameron Morrah to set up another touchdown. The re-emergence of John Carlson continued as Hasselbeck and Carlson hooked up for the score, the second such connection of the game.

The Seahawks stand a fighting chance if their offense continues to fire on all cylinders as it has today. Five plays, 70 yards and a touchdown in just 2:38 was the recipe for success on the last drive, as Hasselbeck was perfect again. That’s seven completions in a row, spanning the last two drives for Hasselbeck. The Seahawks are in quick-strike mode, putting together two scoring drives that lasted just over two minutes each.

In the second quarter, an offensive explosion is happening at Qwest Field, with the Seahawks trailing the Saints, 17-14. If you’re not watching, tune-in now because these two teams are putting a show on, at least on the offensive site of the ball.