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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: Julius Jones Exacts Revenge, Finds The End Zone

The Seattle Seahawks released running back Julius Jones and it came back to haunt them in the NFL playoffs at Qwest Field. Jones, starting for the New Orleans Saints in place of injured running backs Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory, has been all over the Seahawks thus far, running for 33 yards on six carries. Deep in Seattle territory, the Saints called his number again, spreading the field out and giving the ball to Jones on a draw, which he walked into the end zone with.

The Saints offense has been a juggernaut so far, moving down the field with ease. New Orleans took it 83 yards on their last drive, the third scoring drive in three tries already. Drew Brees is operating with clinical efficiency and pinpoint accuracy, and the Seahawks are unable to slow down New Orleans. At this point, with the defense on its heels, the Seahawks are going to have to rely on its offense as it plays catchup while hoping the defense can come around at some point.

In the second quarter, the Seahawks trail the Saints, 17-7, at Qwest Field.