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2011 NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: First Quarter Features No Defense, New Orleans Leads 10-7

Let’s be clear here: New Orleans and Seattle don’t exactly boast fearsome defenses. Outside of an interception on a tipped-ball by the Saints, neither defense has been able to slow down the opposing offense, leading to an outburst of scoring in the first quarter. The Saints scored twice — a touchdown and a field goal — while the Seahawks found the end zone once, giving us a 10-7 score after the first quarter.

Drew Brees is, predictably, taking over for the Saints. Brees threw the ball 13 times in the first, completing nine passes for 94 yards and a touchdown. Marques Colston was his favorite target, picking up 53 yards in the passing game. And on the ground? 39 yards on nine carries for an offense missing its top-two options. Like I said, no defense.

The Seahawks turned the ball over on their first drive, but came back strong, finding the end zone on their second to stay within striking distance. Matt Hasselbeck was a perfect 4-4 on the drive, hitting John Carlson for the score off play action. Marshawn Lynch added two carries for 16 yards on the ground, the only yardage Seattle has picked up in the run game.

After one, the Seahawks trail the Saints at a rowdy Qwest Field, 10-7. Follow along with all the NFL playoff action in our StoryStream.