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NFL Playoffs, Seahawks Vs. Saints: Matt Hasselbeck Interception Costly As Saints Widen Lead

On third and one, with a struggling run game, the Seattle Seahawks opted to run a rollout pass on their first drive. It failed — and miserably. Hasselbeck threw to Ben Obomanu in a play that was going nowhere fast, only to see the ball hit Obomanu in the hands and deflect right into Jabari Brown’s waiting arms. Again, the Saints had good field position and took advantage.

Taking over at the Seahawks 35-yard line, the Saints strung together a drive again, moving well into Seattle territory. In the red zone, on third down, the Saints we bailed out with a pass interference call in the end zone. On the next play, Drew Brees hit Heath Evans for the touchdown, giving New Orleans a healthy lead early.

Just over halfway through the first quarter of Saturday’s NFL playoff game at Qwest Field, the Saints lead the Seahawks 10-0 at Qwest Field. Worst start imaginable? For the Seahawks it’s been a nightmare.