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NFL Playoff Odds: Last Look At Wildcard Lines

With the first two games in the NFL wildcard round of the playoffs kicking off tomorrow, it’s time for one last look at the odds and betting lines. Three games in the wildcard round opened with a spread of less than a field goal, with one game boasting a historically high point spread. That game, as we know, is the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints playoff game, where the Saints are favored by 10.5.

Here’s the lines as they stand right now.

Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints: At 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, the 2011 NFL playoffs open in Seattle. The Saints are still incredibly heavy favorites, giving 10.5 or 11 points, depending on where you look. The Seahawks are not only home underdogs, but home underdogs by a mile. Even with the injuries in the Saints backfield, they still hold the easy favorite title.

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts: Game number two on Saturday, the Colts and Jets hit the field at 5 p.m. on NBC. The Colts hold a field goal advantage in the betting lines and are also the home team in the wildcard round. A slim line with the slight edge going to the home Colts is about what you’d expect.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs are the other home underdog in the wildcard round as they face three-point favorite Baltimore. The Ravens come to Kansas City looking strong as always, with the defense to shut down the Chiefs explosive rushing attack.

Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles: The home Eagles are favored by a field goal over the visiting Packers. Green Bay finished the season strong, winning their way into the playoffs by dropping the Chicago Bears on the road in week 17. The Eagles bring a potent offense led by Michael Vick, leaving one to wonder how high-scoring the final game of the first round will be.

All the action kicks off on Saturday afternoon as the Seahawks take on the Saints at Qwest Field at 1:30 p.m. NBC has your broadcast needs covered, coming to you live from Qwest Field.