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2011 NFL Mock Draft: More Early Entries Flood Into The Draft, Changing Mock Drafts

For an underclassmen projected to go in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the choice is usually easy. The money and glamor of the NFL almost always outweigh the risk of another year in college, especially if the mock draft experts are projecting a prospect as an early pick. With the deadline fast approaching, early entries continue to make their intentions known, and today was no exception.

Here’s a look at some of the underclassmen that have declared and where the 2011 NFL Mock Drafts have them going.

Rahim Moore, UCLA Safety: Moore has been called the best free safety in the draft, but his place in the mock drafts varies, depending on where you look. CBS Sports’ Chad Reuter has Moore going 18th, while Rob Rang doesn’t have Moore in the first round. The same is true for SB Nation’s mock draft, which doesn’t list Moore.

Julio Jones, Alabama WR: The top wide receiver not named A.J. Green, Jones is a sure first rounder. Both Rang and Reuter have Jones going to St. Louis at No. 12, while SB Nation has him at No. 6. A good choice by Jones, who has done it all at Alabama.

Marcell Dareus, Alabama defensive lineman: Dareus could be the first or second defensive lineman off the board; a likely top-five pick. Rang has him at No. 2, Reuter has him at No. 5, to Arizona, and SB Nation has him at No. 8. Seems like a no-brainer choice to come out.

Mark Ingram, Alabama RB: Another no-brainer, Ingram has done it all at Alabama. From winning the Heisman trophy and national championship, the Crimson Tide have been good to him. Ingram is likely a top-20 pick and one of the first running backs off the board, perhaps even falling to the Seattle Seahawks.

Check back for the latest NFL mock draft shakeups as underclassmen continue to decide between school and the NFL ahead of next Saturday’s deadline.