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Qwest Field Beers A Ripoff? Video Seems To Prove Small And Large Beers The Same Size

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We already know beers inside stadiums and ballparks are ridiculously expensive. Buyers are paying upwards of eight dollars for a 16 ounce beer, all for a standard domestic. And if you want a premium beverage? Expect to drop even more money than that. At Qwest Field, for instance, you can buy either a small beer or a large beer, supposedly getting  a bit more bang for your buck. But what if buyers aren't getting any kind of deal at all.

A posting on Facebook Friday morning, that became a Youtube video, has gone viral, apparently showing the small and large beers are the same size.


And cue the outrage. If it's true, and nothing seems to suggest it isn't, it's shocking nobody figured this out until now. The user that posted the video pours the large beer into the small beer glass, then repeats the process going the other way. Each time, the beer fills the other glass exactly to the top.

The difference between the two is $1.25. It appears, for that $1.25 extra, beer buyers are getting nothing more than a taller glass with the same amount of alcohol. Just a little visual trickery to go along with it.

The video has been spreading like wildfire through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with Seattle fans expressing anger. With the video gone viral, it'll be interesting to see what Qwest Field representatives say.