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NFL Odds: Super Bowl Odds For NFL Playoff Teams

We’ve looked at the small picture, checking the odds and betting lines for each of this year’s NFL playoff teams. Now, it’s time to look at the big picture to see which team has the best odds of making, and winning the Super Bowl this season. Yes, you can already bet on the Super Bowl winner, laying money early on favorable lines.

Over at Bodog, the odds immediately came out after the playoff teams were well known. None of the odds are particularly surprising, including which team is the longest shot of them all.

New England Patriots: 9/5
Pittsburgh Steelers: 11/2
Atlanta Falcons: 6/1
New Orleans Saints: 10/1
Green Bay Packers: 11/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 11/1
Chicago Bears: 12/1
Baltimore Ravens: 14/1
Indianapolis Colts: 16/1
New York Jets: 20/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 40/1
Seattle Seahawks: 100/1

The New England Patriots, the No. 1 seed in the AFC, are the easy favorites to win the Super Bowl this year. Staying in the AFC, the Steelers follow the Pats closely, coming in with 11/2 odds. Finally we get a string of NFC teams, with the Atlanta Falcons holding the best odds in the conference.

The bad news for the Seahawks? Besides the long odds, 100/1, the Seahawks face one of the NFC favorites in the first round, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints hold 10/1 odds to repeat as Super Bowl champions and are in Seattle to battle the Seahawks at Qwest Field on Saturday.

Long odds? Nobody expecting the Seahawks to win? No expectations? Sounds like a perfect recipe for Seattle.