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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Running Back Prospects For Seattle Seahawks

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When perusing various 2011 NFL mock drafts ahead of this year’s NFL Draft, it’s clear there’s three schools of thought for the Seattle Seahawks. The first, and most obvious, pertains to the quarterback spot. With Matt Hasselbeck aging and Charlie Whitehurst an unknown, if a franchise quarterback is on the board, the Seahawks should jump at the chance. The other concerns the defensive line. With the front seven struggling against the run, the line has been a spot of clear need in 2010.

With defensive tackles and quarterbacks out of the way, the focus turns to the running back spot. The Seahawks have struggled in the run game for the better part of the last decade, unable to find the right combination in the backfield to sustain a viable rushing attack. Does the 2011 NFL Draft offer a chance to grab a running back of the future? Let’s take a look.

Mikel LeShoure: CBS Sports’ Chad Reuter has LeShoure heading to the Seahawks in his latest mock draft. While Seattle did trade for Marshawn Lynch, Reuter doesn’t believe he’s the answer in the backfield for the Seahawks.

Last April, Buffalo surprised some by taking C.J. Spiller to eventually replace Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks may not want Lynch as their primary back, either.

Mark Ingram: The Alabama running back is in the draft, having reportedly declared on Thursday. A former Heisman trophy winner that has the potential to be a franchise back for the Seahawks? Sounds like a good plan to me. SB Nation’s Mocking the Draft makes a comparison to an Alabama running back of old while projecting Ingram to the Seahawks.

Seattle needs playmakers, and they have a log-jam of mediocre running backs. It worked out pretty well for them the last time they took an Alabama running back at this point in the draft.

Looking at all the mock drafts around, it’s clear these three distinct schools of thought are the only ones around right now. It’s either defensive tackles, quarterbacks or running backs for the Seahawks. Which will end up winning-out when the Seahawks step to the podium on the last weekend of April is anyone’s guess, but odds are it will be one of these three positions.