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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Ryan Mallett Stock Watch After Bowl Game

Did Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett help or hurt his NFL Draft stock with his performance in the 2011 Sugar Bowl? Against a bruising Ohio State defense, Mallett showed off his arm strength at times, but also struggled with the pressure the Buckeye defense applied. The lasting memory, like it or not, was Mallett’s interception deep in Ohio State territory as time was winding down to seal the Sugar Bowl for the Buckeyes.

With Mallett likely available when the Seattle Seahawks pick in the late first round, and projected to head to Seattle in the latest NFL Mock Draft, let’s see where his stock lies. Over at SB Nation, Brian Galliford took a look at how theBCS Bowls affected some of the top draft picks this year.

Mallett will be an early draft selection based simply on his golden arm. Athletically, mechanically and mentally, Mallett has a long way to go, and scouts will seriously question his ability to pick up a pro offense coming out of Bobby Petrino’s simple-read, quarterback-friendly system. There’s a lot to like about Mallett’s physical abilities, and a lot more to be wary of when discussing his intangibles. People are still projecting him as a first-round pick, but don’t be shocked when Mallett goes the way of Jimmy Clausen circa 2010 should he declare.

Not exactly a shining review, but also confirms what many thought. Mallett has a big arm, but seems to be lacking in accuracy and reads. His arm strength is a huge draw, but Mallett is still a project. Whichever team ends up with him will likely have to spend time to develop him, teaching him how to make reads at the NFL level while working on his ball placement.

Once again, it further confirms that finding a franchise quarterback in the late first round is going to be a tough task for the Seahawks.