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NFL Playoff Odds: Will New Orleans Injuries Move The Line?

The NFL playoff odds have held steady throughout the week and the New Orleans Saints continue to be heavy favorites over the Seattle Seahawks ahead of this weekend’s NFC wildcard game in Seattle. With the news that Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory will both miss the game, one has to wonder if the line will start to slide Seattle’s way. As it stands right now, the Seahawks are still 10-point underdogs to the Saints despite playing at home, an indicator of how much love the Seahawks are getting nationally.

It will be telling to see if the point spread begins to move in Seattle’s favor as bettors place action on the Seahawks. Typically, after an opening line is released, the biggest factor in a line’s movement is injuries. Major player hurt and going to miss the game? Action moves to the opponent. More than one player hurt? More action to the opponent. You get the picture.

As 11-point favorites, the Saints have a lot to live up to when they head to Seattle. The Seahawks, on the other hand, are playing with nothing to lose, running with house money right now. There’s no expectations, nobody picking the Hawks to win and no real disappointment should the Seahawks fall to the Saints.

Time to shock the world.