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2011 NFL Draft: Teams In The Quarterback Sweepstakes

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With the Seattle Seahawks ensured of a pick no higher than No. 21 in the 2011 NFL Draft, it’s time to start figuring out which teams have a need, like the Seahawks, at the quarterback position. While drafting the best available player is certainly a strategy that’s put to work in the NFL Draft, teams with a pressing need at the quarterback position are on the hunt, ready to pull the trigger should a player with the promise of a future franchise quarterback be available when they choose. For instance, the Carolina Panthers, owners of the No. 1 overall pick, have a young quarterback in Jimmy Clausen, yet have assured the public they will take Andrew Luck, should he declare for the draft.

SB Nation’s Field Gulls had a great look at the draft and who has a pressing need for a quarterback ahead of the Seahawks game against the St. Louis Rams next week. What John Morgan, Field Gulls founder, saw was the potential for a few names to be available when the Seahawks picked. He found the chances of grabbing a franchise quarterback in the late first round isn’t very promising.

Teams that need, or will take, a quarterback:
Buffalo Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick, apparently isn’t the answer here.
Arizona Cardinals: John Skelton? Max Hall? Go ahead and pencil a quarterback in here.
San Francisco 49ers: Morgan believes the 49ers need a quarterback, but also feels they will find one in free agency. With the dual-Smiths manning the offense, that’s probably a good idea.

The Panthers were not included in the list, made before the Panthers went public with their intentions. In the top 10, that’s three quarterbacks gone, leaving the Seahawks to pick through the scrap-heap. Of those that may be available, we have Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Pat Devlin and, depending on workouts, Blaine Gabbert.

Overall, it doesn’t look promising for the Seahawks in the draft. Either head coach Pete Carroll goes with Whitehurst and hopes to develop a late first round or mid-round pick, or Seattle tries to wheel-and-deal. Unfortunately, this was the downside of winning on Sunday. The Seahawks are in the playoffs, but fell well out of the top 10 with the win.