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NFL Playoffs: NFC West Teams Unhappy With Seattle Seahawks

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The NFC West was terrible in 2010, creating a fight to the mediocre finish for the NFL playoff berth that goes along with the division crown. The Seattle Seahawks, at 7-9, squeaked in under the wire, defeating the St. Louis Rams for the final playoff spot on Sunday night. As we head towards Saturday's NFL wildcard matchup against the New Orleans Saints, it looks like another NFC West team -- the San Francisco 49ers -- are dealing with a bit of envy.

The San Francisco Chronicle caught up with a few disappoint 49ers to gather their thoughts on the Seahawks and the playoffs on Monday. Their thoughts were, predictably, filled with sour grapes.

"We really deserved that," tight end Vernon Davis said in one last spoken act of defiance Monday. "We had the better team. We were better than anybody - anybody we played. We were just as good, if not better. But we just couldn't pull it off."

Davis also pointed to the 41-20 beatdown the 49ers put on the Seahawks on Dec. 12 while ignoring the season-opening whipping the Seahawks put on his squad.

The Seahawks started the season strong, tailing-off down the stretch. Meanwhile the 49ers fell flat out of the gate, dropping their first five games and placing the team in a hole it could never recover from. The 49ers finished just one game out of first place, but dropped an elimination game to the St. Louis Rams in week 16.

The lesson here? Whether Davis and the 49ers think they had a better team matters not. They didn't get it done on the field and are sitting at home while the Seahawks hit the field for a home playoff game on Sunday. Say what you will about a playoff team with a losing record, but the Seahawks are in the postseason and anything can happen.

And, finally, a word from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.