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Super Bowl 2011: Packers-Steelers Line Holding Steady

After a bit of early movement, the betting line for Super Bowl 45 has settled, staying in the same place for the better part of the last week. Like any Super Bowl, betting will fluctuate in the two weeks leading up to the game itself, with action coming in heavy early and late. In the middle, the period we’re in right now, there tends to be a lull in betting, as evidenced by the lack of movement either way in this year’s line.

As it stands right now, the Green Bay Packers are favored between 2.5 and 3 points over the Pittsburgh Steelers. In Vegas, many sports books installed the Packers as 1.5 point favorites to open the action, only to move the line by Wednesday. The movement is a clear sign the betting public picked the Packers early, though that appears to have settled now.

The over/under for the game has also been interesting to watch as it’s an indication of whether betters believe we’ll see a defensive struggle or offensive fire-fight. Currently, the over/under sits at between 44.5 and 45, a clear sign we’ll see plenty of defense on Sunday. With that over/under, and the line that goes with it, you’d expect to see a game in the 20s.

Keep an eye on the betting lines as the Super Bowl nears. While it may not predict the winner, it does show where the allegiances of the public lie leading up to the big game. We’ll be back later with some of the prop bets as Super Bowl week kicks off in Dallas.

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